Pie Lottery September 30

Honey-Basil Plum Pies

Good morning! Happy Lottery day!

Plums and basil for pie

We’ve been having such pretty false-summer weather that I decided I needed to capture a little of it in a pie, before it’s gone for good. What better excuse to use my favorite stonefruit, the lovely plum? Add a little basil, a little honey, it’s all kinds of magical, isn’t it?

Honey-basil plum lids

They’re so cute and tidy and full of promise, all ready to go in the oven. I just love them, don’t you?

How can you resist that?

Click that little button down there to get your lottery ticket. I’ll pick a winner at noon! Don’t put it off until next week! This is the last week that the lottery is running. But don’t worry! You can still order pies!

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