Pie Lottery September 23

lemons for the pie

Heeeeey, there.

Guess what?

I went to the store and got some lemons. Then I spent 15 minutes staging and photographing them, because I am a procrastinator, and also new camera = learning curve.

After my patience for that task was exhausted, I did this to them:

Sliced lemons

That’s the power of a sharp knife, people. And the secret to a good Shaker Lemon pie.

Then they turned into this!

shaker lemon pie fillings

How can you resist that? Yes, I know, there’s pith in there, but that’s the WHOLE POINT. The Shakers were a frugal and pragmatic group. I promise you, unless you’re a supertaster, that pith shouldn’t offend you. If you like marmalade or lemon curd, this pie is going to melt your face off, you’ll be so happy.

As usual, I’m going to pick a winner for these bad boys at noon. Click that little button down there, buy yourself a ticket, take a chance. And today’s lottery comes with a special treat: Delivery by Rose! (assuming the logistics work out right)

EditCongratulations to our awesome friend Jen, who was one of the first people to know about Grumpy Pie, and reminds this pie maker of an awesome adult version of her sister. Hurray, Jen!

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