Pie lottery May 6

Good Morning! I went to town on some strawberries last night, just for you! Then I also went to town on some blueberries, because they looked good, and who doesn’t love a little variety?

Today’s Grumpy Little Pies: Two Strawberry Rhubarb! A Blueberry Plum! A Blueberry Rhubarb! And a Blueberry Basil! Which, now that I’m looing at it, is a lot more blueberry than strawberry, but that’s because I had a small crust-related disaster with my lovely Strawberry Plum Black Pepper. Tragic! So sad, I tell you.

Anyway, I also don’t have a picture yet, because I have misplaced my camera. Way to keep it together, Pie Maker. *hangs head in shame* Anyway, you’ve seen my Little Pies before, they look like that. Except one of them has a lattice crust! I’ll find the camera before I draw a winner, at 9:30.

Last chance!
Edit: I found the camera, but too late. Also, we have a winner! Hurray!

Yum, these pies are going to be great!

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