Pie Lottery May 13

Good morning! Are you ready for some pie?

This week I knew I was going to make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, but I wasn’t sure whether I should make a big pie or a group of Grumpy Little Pies again. I worry that doing the same size pies two weeks in a row will bore you, you know? So I did what any reasonable baker would do, I asked you! Facebook Questions to the rescue!

The people have spoken:

Small strawberry-rhubarb pie

So cute! Of course, you’re not just getting one, but they’re all the same. That is the drawback to pie; it pretty much always looks like pie. Maybe I need some props for my glamor shots? Hmm…

Anyway! That cute pie, and it’s equally quite and tasty summer-filled friends, they could be yours! In 45 minutes! Go buy your last-minute tickets, before I draw at 9:30!

Edit: We have a winner! And it’s someone who has been trying hard, but hasn’t yet won. I am delighted!

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