pie lottery June 3

Greetings and Happy Friday, pie lovers!

What a weird little week. As much as I always wish for an extra 12 hours in my weekend, I think I’ll be glad to have the full five days back next week. Luckily, after kind of a shaky middle, Thursday pulled itself together, and I made you this:

two apple pies

One of those lovely pies could be yours! In about an hour! You know the drill. Just look at them. So pretty, so ready to go to Alki or Golden Gardens or Lake Washington or wherever you go on your picnic this weekend. And I do hope you’re going on a picnic this weekend. I am certainly going to make an attempt.

How can you resist?

pies in profile

As usual, I’ll draw a winner around 9:30. Go and do!

Edit: Woot! Audrey is our winner! Again! Last time she won she took Grumpy Little pies on an adventure, so here’s hoping something awesome is in store for today’s full-size pie!

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