Pie lottery June 24

Good morning! I made you awesome pies!

six small pies

This group was a little leakier than the last couple weeks’ pies have been. I’m still tweaking the process on these a little, and it’s easy to overshoot the optimal amount of filling in each one.

individual blackberry peach pie

But just look at how pretty that is… I love it, every week. So pretty! And I’m really excited to be using blackberries. There’s going to be a full-size, lattice-top blackberry pie in my near future, I think. Yum!

pie crust detail

See that sparkly, flaky crust? That’s why I get up in the morning.

Like last week, I’ll be drawing a winner at noon. Go tell your friends (or don’t, if you want to keep the secret to yourself). You’ll be glad you did.

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