Pie Lottery June 17

Look! I made you pies!

Little Peach Strawberry Pies

They’re cute! And slightly rustic-looking, which I enjoy.

This one is sassy!

Folded crust pie

This one looks like a heart!

Guess which one I’m taking on my sad trip to Olympia tomorrow, for the lady that I love?

But the rest of them could all be yours! I have been told that they are perfect for weekday lunches, and for breakfast. You know that telling me my pie is perfect for breakfast is a quick way to my heart, of course. Pie for breakfast = best thing ever. Or maybe you’re going to see your Dad this weekend? The last time I saw my dad, he ate half a Hello Rudy Lopez (Pear Blueberry) like there was no tomorrow. I think pie love might be a family affliction…

Anyway, you know what to do: buy a ticket! Tell your friends! Tell your friends how much you appreciate them, before they pack up and move to Long Island (I swear, I’ll be less whiny next week).

Edit: Hurray, we have a winner! Congrats to Mya!

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