Pie lottery June 10

Good morning! Happy Friday! Boy, am I ready for Friday this week, how about you? Are you ready for some pie?

As promised, I made you some lovely Grumpy Little Peach Blueberry Pies today. They are sooo good. Seriously. If I didn’t like you all so much, I would pretend there was some kind of pie disaster today and keep these all for myself. So consider yourselves lucky, I guess? One of you is getting really lucky, at least.

Because of some conversations I had with people last week, I’m going to push the drawing back this morning, until the nice round hour of noon. That’s right! NOON! Can you believe it?? Anyway, click this little button, buy a ticket, tell your friends, and then check back here at noon. You’ll be glad you did.

Like I said yesterday, this is the most awesome pie ever, and because I <3 you so much, I made them little, so you can share. Or hoard them more easily. Don't say I don't take care of you. Edit: We have a winner! Lovely knitter and lover of pie Leigh takes the cake again. Except it’s pie, not cake.

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