Pie lottery July 29

Good Morning!! It’s Friday! You know what that means! Pie lottery time!

Once again we get lovely pictures from my sad little not-smart phone. I’m sorry. I hope the crap-face who broke into our home a couple weeks ago is enjoying the pie photos on my camera that he stole. (Actually, I know he’s not. He’s in jail! But I still don’t have a camera.)

Rest assured, despite my (OMG HORRIBLE, I AM SO SORRY) sub-par photography this week, the pies are stellar.

Peach Blackberry Little Pies
ugh, so sorry.

Anyway! Delicious pies! Go click that button below, and I’ll draw a winner at noon! And then Mr. Pie will bring it to you (in Seattle, as always). Go, go!

Edit: Congratulation to our winner Justin! He makes the only cupcakes I like!

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