Pie lottery July 15

Hey there, pie friends.

I am indeed running a pie lottery this morning, with some lovely, lovely little pies, the last of the Viva Farms Strawberry Rhubarb. Like last week, they’re ridiculously juicy and sweet, like a highly concentrated

I’m also falling over with a horrific headache, so I deeply apologize. I’m going to try to get some pictures in this post, but I can’t make any promises. I don’t get headaches often, and I particularly don’t get headaches that don’t respond to the standard water-food-caffeine-ibuprophen-back-to-bed litany of solutions. Grr.

So, anyway. Sorry for the mope-tastic lottery post. I swear, the pies deserve way more excitement than I seem to be able to muster just now. Best strawberries ever! And they’re tiny! Which is always the best! Buy tickets!

As usual, I’ll draw right around noon and make arrangements for delivery.

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