Pie Lottery July 1

Good Morning and Happy Canada Day! And Happy Independence Day (almost) here in the US. What a big couple of days for this continent, eh? I have to admit, one of my favorite things about KEXP is that one of the DJs does an all-Canadian set today, simply because she loves Canada. So there you go.

But enough about our neighbor to the north – Do you want to hear about some pie? I made a favorite of Mr. Pie’s today, Strawberry Plum with Black Pepper. Look!

Small Strawbery Plum Pies

Apparently photographing the pie while the coffee was brewing (and not caffeinating me) made for dramatic photos. Good job, me!

Detail of small Pies

So pretty! So summery! So perfect for dessert for your intimate BBQ, or lunches next week. Or just perfect. You know the drill: click that little link down there, buy some tickets, watch your email/Twitter at noon.

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