Pie lottery August 19

Hello and happy Friday!

My apologies for being a little scattered this week – I’m pretty sure my brain still wants to be on awesome vacation. And who could blame it? However, despite my sluggishness (I blame the ridiculous amounts of pork I consumed last week. yikes) I made you some adorable little peach pies! Look!

For a moment there I was afraid that my week away had caused me to forget my pie-making skills, but that was needless worry. These guys are perfect, and ridiculously tasty. Peaches in August may be the single best thing ever. Or pretty close.

Anyway, you know the routine! Go click on this button, buy your lottery tickets, I’ll pick a winner at noon, Mr. Pie will deliver them to you in Seattle. Hurray!

Edit: Congratulations to Bridget! She’s going to love these pies!

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