Pie Lottery April 29

Wow, April 29, already. Jeebus, how time flies!

Behold! I have made you a delicious pie this week!

A Pear and Blueberry pie with ginger

This is what we lovingly refer to as a “Hello Rudy Lopez.” It’s Ginger-roasted Bosc pear and blueberry. The blueberries are not roasted, just delicious. Why is it called “Hello Rudy Lopez?” That’s an excellent question! Because we say so, obviously. Actually, I’ve been pondering this question all week, because it could just as easily be called “Hello Jen Lopez” or “Hello Familia Lopez” or something else entirely. The truth is that Mr. Pie named this pie, and as much as I try, I really don’t often know what happens during his creative process. So that’s the name of the game.

Aaaanyway… it’s a delicious pie! And you could win it! In about an hour! I’ll pick a winner about 9:30. Go and do!
Edit: We have picked a winner! Check your email!

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