Pie Lottery April 15

Happy Lottery Day, pie lovers! I made you Grumpy Little Pies this week!

Assorted small pies

As promised, they are assorted indeed, some standbys, some new treats! I am still in love with Fennel-Roasted Pear, so there’s one of those, and Ginger Granny Smith, which I think is killer. Old School Apple & Pear, like my mom used to make (Hi Mom!), which you haven’t seen yet, but is nonetheless a classic. Strawberry Plum, a newish treat I’m pretty sure you’ll love, and Strawberry Ginger Tangerine. Yes, tangerine.

I’m going to draw at 9:30, in about an hour. Still need a ticket? Hurry!!

I’m super excited for today’s winner. Someone is getting really lucky.

Edit: Big congratulations to Audrey! I hear she’d taking our tiny pies visiting today, so she’s not the only one getting lucky!

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