Pie Lottery April 1

Good morning, lovely pie people!

This week’s pie is a tweak on a classic, Granny Smith apple, just like your grandmother used to make, just like I’ve brought to countless Thanksgiving dinners, but with a little something special. I made candy!

ginger in syrup

OK, I made candied ginger, which went directly into YOUR pie! Except for the piece or two that I ate for quality control. The ginger itself is delightfully spicy, and when I added it to the apples, it made the filling really bright and zippy, without being unbearably sharp. We’re big fans of ginger here at Grumpy Pie, but we realize that not everybody loves it the way we do. I think this is a good compromise. You’re going to like it.

Here’s the pretty, sparkly finished product!

Ginger Granny Smith Apple Pie

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad to see this pie go. Of course, it’s a little bittersweet to see any of them go. Here’s your last chance to get this little beauty! Go do it!

Edit: Winner has been drawn! Congratulations, Angie!

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