Pie Is Everywhere!

Are you familiar with the “plate o’ shrimp” concept? It has been explained to me several times thusly: “In the movie Repo Man, someone points out that shrimp plates are everywhere, and you just don’t see them until something triggers you to, and then they’re everywhere!” (This is a paraphrase, of course.) I have to confess that I’ve never seen Repo Man, but a quick bit of lazy Googling leads me to believe that something has been lost in the retelling, but I still think the concept is really interesting.*

I have been having a major Shrimp Plate moment with pie this week, clearly in part because I’ve been thinking a lot about pie. Over the weekend an acquaintance was questioning how someone could claim to make great pie, but always use store-bought crust. That’s straight up nonsense. I would understand if the cheater-crust made an occasional appearance, but all the time? Shame on you, anonymous person, for making that claim! Later the same acquaintance shared a story about giving pie popsicles to Brent Spiner and Alan Frakes at Emerald City Comicon. Short version: Spiner asked whether it was poisoned, and then she told Frakes he was dressed like her dad. (I’m not good at stories. 🙁 Whatever. I swear it was funny.)

And then yesterday, I arrived to my day job drenched from the ridiculous March weather, and while seeking out some newspaper to help my bike-riding pants dry, found this week’s Seattle Weekly, with a huge and shiny cherry pie on the cover! Awesome! And terrifying, since this was the cover article. I was a little nervous to read it, honestly. I was worried about my competition, and nervous in general. I’ll let you read it yourself, but once I found a moment to do so, I felt a lot better. I felt bad for the companies profiled, and a little annoyed that he only profiled two of Seattle’s newer pie-specialists. I also really want to make a stop in Fremont. I think I need a pie-eating to do list.

*There’s an actual, established psychological concept at work here, but I’m frankly too lazy to figure out what it’s called just now.

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    1. Yes, confirmation bias! Thank you! I would be embarrassed that I was too lazy to google that, but I’m also too lazy to be embarrassed about it. Ditto your Yum, also. YUM is right.

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