ZOMG Peaches! Pie p0rn time.

Peaches and Strawberries for pie

Peaches and Strawberries! And ginger! So much ginger.

And look, lattice crust!

This is my first full-size lattice crust, and I have to say, I loved it. Of course, since I remembered to take ‘before’ pictures, there are no ‘after’ shots. You’ll have to imagine how sparkly and nut-brown flaky it was, because Mr. Pie and I ate the entire thing this weekend. I kind of planned to take a picture before we cut it, but I took a nap instead. Oh well.

So, in conclusion: Peaches. They are awesome. And this week you’re getting Peach Pie. Grumpy Little Peach Pie, I think. Yes, it will probably have ginger in it. But maybe rhubarb! Eh, indecision, my ever-present friend.

You know the drill:

Also, no weekend pies this week. The Mr. and I will be busy drinking champagne and telling each other how awesome we are.

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