Pulling together

A recent conversation between my mom and me: “ALL THE SWEAR WORDS!” I yelped, from the pile of scrap wood and last year’s fallen leaves under the back deck. “I’m going to need medical assistance.” “What happened? Are you OK?” … Continued

Sneaky Friday

Oh, hello again, Friday unproductiveness… OK, look, it’s not actually true that I haven’t been productive this week, but I feel like the blog has very little to show for it. So let’s do a little run-down of where we’re … Continued

Being A Lover

A short sampling of ways to leave your be a lover: You just slip out the back, Jack (No need to make a scene – being a lover is not always about you.) Make a new plan, Stan (Be flexible! … Continued

Sharing Your Joy

Back in the Pleistocene, circa 2001, I was dating this one. Her name is Laura Jean; if you read Blue Like Jazz, she is Chapter 5. One day, in between clumsy courtship, whimsical adventures, and discussions of the genius of Kurt … Continued

Clear floor, clear mind

I think that if you told me 15 years ago that I would be finding comfort and calm in cleaning up other people’s mess, I would have called you crazy. And yet, here I am, covered in dust and happy … Continued

An upside to Jealousy

Jealousy is a funny thing. It can creep up on a person in sneaky and unexpected ways, but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing when it shows up. Carlos and I have been apart for a month. … Continued

Friday I’m In Love

Friday is my favorite day. Today, it was sunny, although not warm. I swam ten (10!) laps.* Rockford put himself down for a nap! I get to see my husband so soon! We ate lazy dinner and took Rock on … Continued

You never can tell

Every single one of us carries some kind of front out into the world. It’s necessary; to go out with no barrier between your tender insides and the vicissitudes of the everyday world is no way to live. There is … Continued

50 Ways, 14 Days

Good Afternoon, oh loveliest of people! Forty six days ago, Carlos and I told you that we are embarking on (yet another) grand adventure, one that is ultimately all about you. In case you’re just joining us, Carlos and I … Continued

Love is weird, and that’s OK

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Love is really hard for me some times. In my “smart brain,” I know that it’s a two-way street, and that there’s a strong likelihood that the people I love also love me. I have been told that I am … Continued