An upside to Jealousy

Jealousy is a funny thing. It can creep up on a person in sneaky and unexpected ways, but it doesn’t always have to be a bad thing when it shows up. Carlos and I have been apart for a month. … Continued

Friday I’m In Love

Friday is my favorite day. Today, it was sunny, although not warm. I swam ten (10!) laps.* Rockford put himself down for a nap! I get to see my husband so soon! We ate lazy dinner and took Rock on … Continued

You never can tell

Every single one of us carries some kind of front out into the world. It’s necessary; to go out with no barrier between your tender insides and the vicissitudes of the everyday world is no way to live. There is … Continued

50 Ways, 14 Days

Good Afternoon, oh loveliest of people! Forty six days ago, Carlos and I told you that we are embarking on (yet another) grand adventure, one that is ultimately all about you. In case you’re just joining us, Carlos and I … Continued

Love is weird, and that’s OK

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Love is really hard for me some times. In my “smart brain,” I know that it’s a two-way street, and that there’s a strong likelihood that the people I love also love me. I have been told that I am … Continued

Cider-braised Pork Butt

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You guys! I cooked a food! And it was delicious! And perhaps even more exciting/scandalous/out-of-the-ordinary, I started with a recipe and actually followed it. Delicious pork butt, generously salted and peppered, pre-trussing. I found it much harder to photograph the … Continued

The Depression To-Do List

Depression is like having a to-do list where almost everything is marked “Lowest Priority.” It’s not so much that you don’t want to fix things so much as you just don’t ever get around to doing anything because literally everything … Continued

Back to Basics


Have we talked about my amazing skills at self-delusion? Like the way that I insisted that my enormously puffy sausage legs were TOTALLY FINE YOU GUYS, JEEZ, right up to the point where my midwives sent me to the hospital … Continued

I don’t like you but I love you


This morning when I woke up, my mom’s favorite little sweetheart was waiting for me, lurking just inside the garage door, waiting for someone to feed him breakfast and lift him up to the bathroom counter for his cat lax. … Continued

Catching up

People, I have so much catching up to do. I’m hours late with this blog post, I have easily a dozen emails I need to send, I still haven’t brought all of Rock’s clothes in from the garage, and I’m … Continued