All work and no play


It feels weird to start another post of the subject of hobbies, but dudes, they’re important. We’re at the point of really refining what gets to come with us in the Chinook, and it’s not going to be a whole … Continued

Falling down

Oh, hey, it’s Thursday already? Time really flies when you’re… well, hiding, I guess. This week, I fell down, metaphorically speaking. I over-extended myself last weekend, somewhat unavoidably. I guess I could have skipped the part where some people came … Continued

What’s In A Name?

I want to give you a quick warning that this may get weird for those of you who don’t like history or philosophy of faith, but bare with me (pun fully intended). Those of you who have had in-person conversations with … Continued

Weird and wonderful


You guys, my life is really weird. Yesterday I edited a post of Carlos’s, and realized that there’s a piece of information in there that I actively fought against people knowing for literally years of my life. And there it … Continued

Getting caught up

I have found myself a little behind on writing, and I realized that it’s because my brain is in a dozen other places, caught up in tasks that will absolutely warrant some posts of their own, just as soon as … Continued

Talking about Talking

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You know that old saying about what happens when we assume; we make an ass out of u and me! Except, when it comes to relationships, it’s not so much “make an ass” as “make a mess.” Perhaps the most … Continued

Gratuitous Rockford


Today is gratuitous baby picture day here in delRioLand. These are my favorites from last week, when we used a stock pot to help teach him to balance while standing.

Some handy tools

I thought it would be nice to do a little round up of some of the tools that we find useful on a pretty regular basis. Some of these are every day tools, some are things we’re still trying out, … Continued

Swimming Up River – A Chinook


I bought a van last week–a 1986 Ford Chinook! We don’t have a name for it yet. But, this is why I have been less active on the blog, and on Twitter, lately. I have been tearing the van down … Continued

Houston, we have a problem

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Rockford has figured out climbing. A couple days ago, we were all playing in the front yard, and he decided he wanted to investigate the dogs, who were still in the house, behind the storm door. So, he crawled over … Continued