Old stuff


I have a lot of stuff. I have always thought, “I wish I had less stuff,” while simultaneously accumulating more things. I don’t really know why I have always had such a hard time letting go of things, but I … Continued

For The Love of…


In taking on this adventure, the first thing Rose and I did was go through a lot of introspection and conversation. Part of being intentional about how we build our family meant being aware and honest about our own failings … Continued

What Love Is Not and What Love Is


This is a collaborative work of the 50 Love Project, Rose and Carlos del Rio.  We are now 6-months into the adventure of investigating how people build their families and communities. One of our central goals is to explore all … Continued

The Be a Dad Project: Year in Review


  I have been a dad now for a year. It has been a big year. 2 Countries 8 states Rolling, crawling, walking, screaming And major changes to our family To arm Rockford for life I have endeavored to instill … Continued

Is it Fair, Is it Equal, Is it Just?


Since becoming a dad I have been wrestling with and revisiting not only the core concepts that I would like to pass on to my son, but also reexamining my thoughts on tricky questions. Questions like: Would you rather be remembered … Continued

You Get What You Need

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I have a lot of energy. Once I make a decision I want to make it happen. Sometimes I find myself at odds with what I know and what I want. Sometimes I find myself in the same conflict with … Continued

Conversion Van Renovation


Due to the recent passing of my grandma I put my shoulder to the grindstone to finish the van. I’m going to show what I did, and show you my materials list at the end. So the Van (we call … Continued

I Love You, Even When You Are Mad

There are a number of issues that have recently reared their gnarly domes. As Rose has mentioned, we lived in a house with 5 adults, 200 pounds of animals, and a baby. Which coincidentally means 2 cars, a truck, a … Continued

Lost and found along the road

Today marks two weeks that we have been on the road on our grand adventure. They have been, without comparison, two of the most intense weeks of my entire life. Everything started out relatively normally: we left Yakima several hours … Continued