Thank you and hurray!

Dear internets, You have been super awesome today. I remember a day, not that long ago, when I looked at Twitter and thought, “whaa? What’s the point?” But those days are so long over. I could seriously spend an hour … Continued

Grumpy Pie Is Here!

Hello, world! Grumpy Pie is here! We’re excited to start making you some pie, Seattle! Since this is our very first week, we’re keeping our pie classic: Granny Smith Apple, pure and simple. Just like this one, except we ate … Continued

Great Moments in Pie

If you die, and you get the choice between regular heaven, and pie heaven, choose pie heaven; it may be a trick, but if not…  mmmmm pie. – Jack Handy

Pie Is Everywhere!


Are you familiar with the “plate o’ shrimp” concept? It has been explained to me several times thusly: “In the movie Repo Man, someone points out that shrimp plates are everywhere, and you just don’t see them until something triggers … Continued

Team Pie?


Hello, I love pie! Big surprise, I know. I think that in these contentious times, it’s important to open with a few words on Team Pie vs Team Cake. This may sound scandalous, but I refuse to take a side … Continued