Happy Monday!

Good morning, pie friends!

After our exhausting and difficult last week, I was not ready for this weekend to end. You know those times when separate circles of friends come together and click into place like they were made for one another? That was pretty much our entire weekend, awesome people, great food, new friends, old friends, a giant pack of happy dogs (OK, 3 happy dogs), mimosas, art, love, and pie. Oh, such pie. Fennel-roasted pear and brie, an experiment that turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined. I would tell you some of the things people said to me while tasting this pie, but this is a family pie blog (haha, jk, but I’m still not telling). We’ll let it suffice to say that offers were made that would make my mother blush (Hi Mom!), leaving no doubt that this pie will be making a reappearance.

Of course, in all the excitement, I failed to do the one thing that I meant to do before it was all gone: take a picture. Boo, Pie Maker! Sorry, fans of pie gawking. I’ll do better next time.

After such a good and reinvigorating weekend, I’m actually happy to jump into my week. Here’s hoping this one stays on the course the weekend set for it! I’ll be making Gingery Apple Pie for the lottery this week, and suggesting you get a Fennel-Pear or Shaker Lemon custom pie if you want some real excitement.

I’m off for another cup of coffee. Happy Monday, everybody!

Update! Mr. Pie saves the day! He took a picture of the best pie ever this week. Thank you, you awesome man.

Pie Lottery March 25

Good Morning! I got my order of operations a little backwards this morning. I meant to show you the pie, and then draw the winner. Let’s pretend?

Oooh! Pie! “No More Bad Luck” Shaker Lemon, as if you could possibly forget:
shaker lemon pie

Once again this morning, I can see sunshine outside, but it refuses to grace my kitchen counter. Boo.

Anyway… Big congratulations to Malora, who has been one of our earliest and most vocal supporters! Woot! And big thanks to everyone else who bought a lottery ticket and spread the word.

And I’d also like to congratulate last night’s Twestival raffle winners, who each got a voucher for a custom pie! There has been a lot of pie love in the last couple days.

The Pie is under way!

We’re having a rough week over here at Grumpy Pie headquarters, but I wanted to stop by long enough to reassure you that there is, in fact, still a drawing tomorrow. I’ve started a Shaker Lemon Pie that has been christened “No More Bad Luck.” Just because we’re having a hard week doesn’t mean that you should, after all. Or maybe it’s been a crummy week for you too? Let our little pie cheer you up! I’m only making one for the lottery, but as always I’m happy to make them to order. Lottery winner should be delivered tomorrow, to-order pies will probably be delivered Saturday.

I’m off to continue my battle with the end of March. Happy Thursday, everybody!

Live Adventurously. Eat More Pie.

When making my selection for this week’s lottery pie, I had a couple things on my mind. I didn’t want to simply replicate last week’s pie, even though I have plenty of apples, and it’s a pretty clear crowd pleaser. That just seems boring, and boring is the opposite of how we want you to think of us. Boring pie is lame! We’re big fans of classic, well-crafted pies, but boo to boring.

My bigger thought, though, was this: the lottery is a great place to take a little risk. Maybe you’ve never had Shaker Lemon pie before, and so you’re nervous to commit to one, maybe you’re not sure whether it’s going to be a pie you love. At $2 a ticket, though, you’ve got the chance to discover something awesome. Or something that isn’t quite your speed. Either way, we advocate taking the chance.

Live adventurously. Eat more pie.


Oh em gee, people, I want to make vanilla roasted pear pie. I don’t even know if it’s possible, but I want one. I freaking love pears. The other weekend I made a Ginger-poached Pear and Blueberry pie for dinner with friends. I had a seriously hard time making sure the pears made it from the poaching liquid to the crust; they were so brightly spicy from the ginger, and perfectly crisp-tender and sweet that I would have eaten them with a fork and a smile if I hadn’t thought that showing up with an empty crust might have been a little rude.

The problem with that pie, though, was that the pears took a long time to poach on my stupid induction range. Having recently converted to the ways of bacon in the oven,* I’m strongly in favor of using the oven to do tedious work. Perhaps there is a roasted pear pie somewhere in the future? At the very least, there is a roasted pear somewhere in my future.

I have a couple orders coming up that gave me free reign for picking my pie, and I would really like to make a little more use of pears before it really gets to feeling like spring. I’m thinking that my friend’s birthday brunch this weekend will be a perfect test-run for some exciting options. Roasted Pear Fennel and Brie? Who could say no to that?

*That’s not exactly how I do it though. I don’t preheat the oven, or use a rack on the pan. I do line my pan with foil, but honestly I’m not sure it’s necessary, except I hate washing the dish. And! Most importantly, I whimper a little at the end when she throws out the fat. Bacon fat is half the point of bacon. Duh.

Pie Remedy for Cloudy Days

Good morning and Happy Monday! Does anyone else desperately want another cup of coffee?

How awesome was this beautiful weekend in Seattle? Days like Saturday remind me why I love living here. Too bad today is back to our cloudy and cool usual, but I have a little something I think might perk you up. It certainly made my Monday morning. How cheery is this?
Shaker Lemon Pie

I talked to my mom on Sunday morning, and she gave me the little kick I needed to actually find a recipe for Shaker Lemon Pie* and give it a try. It was a little dark and messy in my kitchen last night, so there aren’t any progress photos, but let me tell you: it was a very pretty process! I’m realizing that yellow has been growing on me lately, somewhat sneakily. This pie is almost as pretty to look at as it was to eat.

To help bring a little sunshine into your spring, I’m making Shaker Lemon Pie this week! This is a very old-school pie, and I’m sticking to the classic recipe with it. It has a much more complex and strong flavor than something like a lemon meringue. It’s a pie for a grown-up palate. It’s another one whose filling I wanted to just eat, and not even bother baking up. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!

*This is what I was thinking of in my post about the Amish. And the pictures here don’t do it justice. It is gorgeous!

Some Pie-love For The Amish

One of the challenges that we face here at Grumpy Pie Central is how best to bring your deliciousness to you. We are very luck to have Mr Pie and the Flying Blueberry (AKA the Vespa). It’s actually a pretty neat little solution, though we’re still working out the kinks of fitting two pies in the kitty cooker.* This turns out to be actually less of a challenge than it would be for the Pie Maker to bring two pies anywhere on the bus, because she is lacking an awesome Amish Pie Carrier. Look at that thing! So classic.

I have to hand it to the Amish, they really know their way around some pie. There’s a recipe in Ken Headrich’s killer cookbook for Amish Lemon Pie (it might be called something else, I couldn’t find it on the googles.) that I have been meaning to make for years. It’s not a meringue! It’s sliced fresh lemons macerated overnight and baked. *drool* If someone buys one custom, I’m going to make one for us, too. mmmm…

*Kitty Cooker = the compartment under the seat. It has a sticker that says “No Animals.” Hence the name.

Pie Lottery March 18

Check out these little beauties!
Two apple pies

pie crust detail

pie vent

I’m drawing two winners at 9:00 Seattle time. Last chance to get your tickets!

Edit: Winners are picked!! Check your email! They’re coming from carlos at grumpypie dot com, since Mr Pie is in charge of delivery.

Edit again: Huge congrats and thanks to Valerie D. and Jeff S.! And thanks to everyone who bought lottery tickets this week! We’ll be drawing again next Friday. And don’t forget to check out our Custom Pie page!

This Pie Maker is exhausted! Thank you all for a great first week!

For the Love of Crust

Stack of pie crust

Forgive my sub-par photography for a moment and let’s talk about that stack o’ deliciousness, shall we?

I have a pie-related confession to make, though I don’t think anyone will be shocked by this one: I love pie crust. I think we’ve established that a good crust is the foundation of a good pie, and a good crust starts with good dough. And you know that little bit of dough that always seems to be left over, after you’ve trimmed and sealed your crust, and made a cute little apple or whatever for your top? That’s the thing I love. While I like to make a little mini-tartlet with it, usually I just finish and bake it along with the pie, making a filling-less crust treat. It feels a little silly, but I’m serious. I love my crust so much that I don’t even need filling in it to make me happy.

What you see up there, dear pie lovers, is the foundation for three fantastic pies. Pies that will have filling in them! One of those pies already has a home! I wanted to call it a Forever Home, like a pet adoption, but let’s be honest: while that pie is going to be loved and cherished, it has a very short life expectancy, and that’s the way it should be.

But what about the other two? They’re in the lottery, of course! Both of them! Are you feeling lucky? You know what to do:

And of course, if you’d like to take luck out of the equation, I’m happy to make a pie especially for you. Email me and let’s talk pie!