Monday is for distraction

Good Morning, gray Seattle Monday. It is positively gloomy out there! I feel like I’m in danger of turning this into a blog about the weather. Sorry. I’ll do my best to leave that to Cliff Mass, our own celebrity … Continued

Pie Lottery April 1

Good morning, lovely pie people! This week’s pie is a tweak on a classic, Granny Smith apple, just like your grandmother used to make, just like I’ve brought to countless Thanksgiving dinners, but with a little something special. I made … Continued

A little food voyeurism

Oh, hey, late-night blog visit! I’ve been sleeping all day thanks to some ick I picked up somewhere (no fingers pointed here). Daytime sleeping always makes me all weird, and the bug I’ve been fighting comes with a headache that … Continued

Happy Monday!


Good morning, pie friends! After our exhausting and difficult last week, I was not ready for this weekend to end. You know those times when separate circles of friends come together and click into place like they were made for … Continued

Pie Lottery March 25

Good Morning! I got my order of operations a little backwards this morning. I meant to show you the pie, and then draw the winner. Let’s pretend? Oooh! Pie! “No More Bad Luck” Shaker Lemon, as if you could possibly … Continued

The Pie is under way!

We’re having a rough week over here at Grumpy Pie headquarters, but I wanted to stop by long enough to reassure you that there is, in fact, still a drawing tomorrow. I’ve started a Shaker Lemon Pie that has been … Continued

Live Adventurously. Eat More Pie.

When making my selection for this week’s lottery pie, I had a couple things on my mind. I didn’t want to simply replicate last week’s pie, even though I have plenty of apples, and it’s a pretty clear crowd pleaser. … Continued


Oh em gee, people, I want to make vanilla roasted pear pie. I don’t even know if it’s possible, but I want one. I freaking love pears. The other weekend I made a Ginger-poached Pear and Blueberry pie for dinner … Continued

Pie Remedy for Cloudy Days

Good morning and Happy Monday! Does anyone else desperately want another cup of coffee? How awesome was this beautiful weekend in Seattle? Days like Saturday remind me why I love living here. Too bad today is back to our cloudy … Continued