Monday prettiness


Monday again, already? How time flies! But you know what that means, right? Pie porn! And new lottery pie! And apparently excessive exclamation points, sheesh. After much foot-dragging and unnecessary reluctance, I gave in to the tiny pies. Now I’m … Continued

Pie Lottery April 8

Good morning! Check this out: Nectarine Ginger, another pie designed to combat Seattle’s weird gray spring weather. I promised you Peach Ginger, but the universe decided it should be Nectarine. I think you’re still going to be happy. I would … Continued

Monday is for distraction

Good Morning, gray Seattle Monday. It is positively gloomy out there! I feel like I’m in danger of turning this into a blog about the weather. Sorry. I’ll do my best to leave that to Cliff Mass, our own celebrity … Continued

Pie Lottery April 1

Good morning, lovely pie people! This week’s pie is a tweak on a classic, Granny Smith apple, just like your grandmother used to make, just like I’ve brought to countless Thanksgiving dinners, but with a little something special. I made … Continued

A little food voyeurism

Oh, hey, late-night blog visit! I’ve been sleeping all day thanks to some ick I picked up somewhere (no fingers pointed here). Daytime sleeping always makes me all weird, and the bug I’ve been fighting comes with a headache that … Continued

Happy Monday!


Good morning, pie friends! After our exhausting and difficult last week, I was not ready for this weekend to end. You know those times when separate circles of friends come together and click into place like they were made for … Continued

Pie Lottery March 25

Good Morning! I got my order of operations a little backwards this morning. I meant to show you the pie, and then draw the winner. Let’s pretend? Oooh! Pie! “No More Bad Luck” Shaker Lemon, as if you could possibly … Continued

The Pie is under way!

We’re having a rough week over here at Grumpy Pie headquarters, but I wanted to stop by long enough to reassure you that there is, in fact, still a drawing tomorrow. I’ve started a Shaker Lemon Pie that has been … Continued

Live Adventurously. Eat More Pie.

When making my selection for this week’s lottery pie, I had a couple things on my mind. I didn’t want to simply replicate last week’s pie, even though I have plenty of apples, and it’s a pretty clear crowd pleaser. … Continued