As a somewhat-snobby foodie person with my roots in the American Southwest, I can be a little (read: ridiculously) picky about my Mexican food. It is my comfort food in many ways, and I like it exactly the way that … Continued

Sharing Joy

Today, let’s talk about a concept that is familiar to almost everyone, but which didn’t have a name until we started talking about open relationships. You know that feeling you have when something good happens to someone you like, and … Continued

Starting Inertia

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You know that feeling, when you need to start something, but you just can’t seem to get rolling? And you know that once you do, it’ll be easy to keep going, if only you could just start? I’m having a … Continued

Grumble grumble

This morning I woke up to not one but TWO emails politely asking whether I (and Carlos) had somehow vanished from the face of the earth, from people that I don’t know well, but am glad to have in our … Continued



It’s that time of the year, again! That man who lights up my life and yours is turning 29 again! Last year we celebrated with big news and a secret. This year we’re celebrating on the precipice of changes, full … Continued

A Village

You know what’s awesome? You. We all know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child,” but you know what? It also takes a village to be an adult. Humans are social animals, we need people. Sure, some … Continued

No place like home

(This post was intended for Friday afternoon, but life got in the way a little bit.) Right now, my mom is reading “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” to RJ. My dad and I are having a laptop-hangout … Continued

Father’s Day

How do you celebrate Father’s Day with the man counting down the weeks of not being a dad yet? Certainly the things we did to celebrate my own father (countless envelopes of guitar strings and CDs that he never listened … Continued

Springing Back

Greetings, grumpy friends! We’ve had a super busy couple of months over here at Casa Grumpy Pie, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from my total, ridiculous silence. It’s been awesome, wonderful, good busy, though. Just… busy. But now it’s springtime, … Continued