Wheels Down, Yakima

I realize that “wheels down” is an inaccurately avionic metaphor to describe arriving in my destination, considering that this is a road-tripping blog, but I just woke up from an epic, much-needed nap, during which I dreamt that I got … Continued

One more sleep!

I don’t know where the meme of “x more sleep(s) until [whatever event]” originated, but I have seen it a lot this week. Some friends were counting down to their trip to Costa Rica by counting down sleeps, and just … Continued

Hey, Jealousy, How You Been?


On Sunday I went to a video game themed bar in Vancouver, BC. (EXP Bar) with my friend Chelsey. While talking with a couple I met there they asked about my Wife. When I replied that she was at home … Continued

Rose’s boyfriend and Carlos’s frenemy


This morning, Carlos and I both had dates with our long-time other significant others. He took the train to see to his, and I’m taking care of mine on the living room floor. As I write this, RJ is napping, … Continued

A flatter kind of love.


You should read All About Love: New Visions. It is a thought-provoking collection of essays on love by bell hooks. One of the very important points that she makes is that you don’t have to marry your soul mate, and … Continued

Shaking off the dust

First, let me apologize for yet another post about housecleaning. It is a large consumer of my time, and I find that it’s bringing up a lot of thoughts for me. Thanks for your patience. The other day, our friend … Continued

Family Day

Here in British Columbia, we’re celebrating the first incarnation of the province’s newest statutory holiday, Family Day. Of course, Team Grumpy Pie is “celebrating” it by working, because we’ve got shit to do, y’all. We did get to have an … Continued

Cleaning out the Closets

One of the major problems with moving is how much stuff there actually is to take care of. I tend to be a person who does best with visual information, so it’s very easy for me to misjudge the amount … Continued

Holding on to hobbies

I have a hard time letting physical things go. This isn’t new, I’ve always been this way. It is, however, something that I have to address as we get ready to move again, and it’s hard. During Saturday’s workshop, we … Continued

Shaping Home


This weekend, events aligned for me in a very fortuitous way, and I had the chance to attend a workshop at Vancouver’s Shambhala Center entitled “Shaping Home.” I meant to write about it Saturday afternoon, after it was over, and … Continued