Father’s Day

How do you celebrate Father’s Day with the man counting down the weeks of not being a dad yet? Certainly the things we did to celebrate my own father (countless envelopes of guitar strings and CDs that he never listened … Continued

Springing Back

Greetings, grumpy friends! We’ve had a super busy couple of months over here at Casa Grumpy Pie, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from my total, ridiculous silence. It’s been awesome, wonderful, good busy, though. Just… busy. But now it’s springtime, … Continued

Snow Day!

Here in Seattle, we’re about to have the worst snow storm since 1996. Or 1969. Or not at all. We did get somewhere in the 4-6 inches range over the weekend, and, as usual, it has messed us up. Luckily, … Continued

Comfort food – Beans & Greens


Mr. Pie and I had a lovely nine day adventure to Hawaii to begin our year. We were lucky to stay in two places that had full kitchens, so we did a lot of our own cooking. This is one … Continued

The Lid is Back!

Remember that time last year (last year?!) when my slow-cooker lid mysteriously exploded? And I called Sunbeam and they were the nicest people in the world and promised to send me a new one, no questions asked? Guess what I … Continued

Happy Birthday to me!


Guess who got something shiny and awesome for her birthday today? It came a month ago, in a box wrapped in red paper, with my name written on it in Sharpie. It sat patiently on top of my wardrobe, undisturbed, … Continued

Science is awesome!

Science! It’s awesome! Have you ever wondered why Asian foods taste fundamentally different from Western Foods? (No? That’s cool, science still has you covered). According to this study in Nature, it’s because Asian and Western cuisines use opposing logic when … Continued

The mystery of the exploding slow cooker


This year, Mr Pie and the brother and I opted to have a super easy, low-key holiday. These plans were laid well before the great plague of 2011, and by the time I had been asleep for most of a … Continued

She’s alive!

Hi there. Remember me? I’m the woman who used to make a lot of pie, and knitted things, and delicious food. I used to walk the dog and hang out with friends and do the grocery shopping and laundry and … Continued

Quick and Lazy Curry for Busy Days

Are you ready to participate in the world’s easiest (and in absolutely no way authentic) curry, for those days when you don’t have time to cook (or everyone is working full-time fighting what you suspect is both a cold AND … Continued