One more sleep!

I don’t know where the meme of “x more sleep(s) until [whatever event]” originated, but I have seen it a lot this week. Some friends were counting down to their trip to Costa Rica by counting down sleeps, and just this morning, Carlos used the phrase to describe how long I have left in Vancouver – One More Sleep.

I wish I had a hundred more sleeps in Vancouver, or even just a dozen. Honestly, I would be happy with two. But one is the number that I have, and I already know that that one is going to be shorter and sadder than I would like.

I take a little comfort from knowing that the sleep I get after my last one here will be at my parents’ house, a place virtually guaranteed to be recharging and restorative for me. There is sunshine there, and not one but TWO freezers full of farmer’s market goodness, and people who are good for my soul. I also take comfort from the knowledge that the big ridiculous adventure part of the move will be me and my dad (go team!), and that my mom will be waiting at home, ready to hold the baby and feed me delicious foods.

Things that are not comforting me right now: my reduced kitchen is still, like, 8 boxes; there was avalanche control on Snoqualmie Pass this morning, and “the worst storm of the winter” is hanging out around Seattle; I really need to meditate today, but finding time to do it will be ridiculously hard; once again I am having difficulty packing our art. And, most critically, I don’t want to leave. I love our friends here, and even though I can and will be back, before long, I am still sad to be leaving a community that has been so warm and welcoming to Carlos and me and our whole zeitgeist. Even having spent last night with a lot of them, and knowing that I’ll see them again tonight, I have heaviness in my heart, knowing that I don’t get to stay, and that I don’t get to grieve until I settle in my next place. (And all of this leaves out the fact that my most favorite person of all isn’t coming with us just yet. But time apart has always been a reality of our relationship, and at least I know that we’ll be together again.)

In the end, though, I’m glad that this part of this stage of our life is almost done. I know that there are still things that I’ll need to shed when I get on my feet in Yakima, but most of the things that are truly useless are staying behind, and that feels good. And the next time that I have to pack up all my things, it’s going to be easier, so that gives me hope. I am excited to be traveling, and to get to spend quality time with the people I’ve been missing.

And adventure is awesome! Let’s not forget that!

Next week we’ll play some fun games, like “why did I bring this, again?” and “we have HOW MANY waiter’s corkscrews?” It’s going to be hilarious! Maybe there will be prizes involved! Until then, I’m signing off. Time to put my head down and get through this busy time. I’ll see you on the other side. Much love!

Rose Waves

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