Special Sauce

Let’s talk about food! Remember, back in the day, when this was a blog about pie? Simpler times, those. As much as our lives have changed since back in 2011, some things have remained more or less constant. In particular, … Continued

Cider-braised Pork Butt

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You guys! I cooked a food! And it was delicious! And perhaps even more exciting/scandalous/out-of-the-ordinary, I started with a recipe and actually followed it. Delicious pork butt, generously salted and peppered, pre-trussing. I found it much harder to photograph the … Continued

Back to Basics


Have we talked about my amazing skills at self-delusion? Like the way that I insisted that my enormously puffy sausage legs were TOTALLY FINE YOU GUYS, JEEZ, right up to the point where my midwives sent me to the hospital … Continued

Eating sweet potatoes

Remember when we used to write about food all the time? I have to admit that my pregnancy kind of took away some of my love of talking about food. Maybe it was the unsolicited opinions for strangers, but I … Continued



As a somewhat-snobby foodie person with my roots in the American Southwest, I can be a little (read: ridiculously) picky about my Mexican food. It is my comfort food in many ways, and I like it exactly the way that … Continued

Springing Back

Greetings, grumpy friends! We’ve had a super busy couple of months over here at Casa Grumpy Pie, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from my total, ridiculous silence. It’s been awesome, wonderful, good busy, though. Just… busy. But now it’s springtime, … Continued

Comfort food – Beans & Greens


Mr. Pie and I had a lovely nine day adventure to Hawaii to begin our year. We were lucky to stay in two places that had full kitchens, so we did a lot of our own cooking. This is one … Continued

Quick and Lazy Curry for Busy Days

Are you ready to participate in the world’s easiest (and in absolutely no way authentic) curry, for those days when you don’t have time to cook (or everyone is working full-time fighting what you suspect is both a cold AND … Continued

Dutch Baby for One


One of my go-to brunch foods is the super-easy Dutch Baby, or Big Pancake (it has lots of names, it’s always Dutch Baby to me). This giant puffy pancake starts life as an unassuming puddle of batter in a well-buttered … Continued

Christmas cookies, omg!

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I got sucked into an internet rabbit hole of Christmas cookies. It is for the best that I don’t love making cookies, and only got sucked into a vortex of looking at them. How cute are these Korean flower cookies? … Continued