Never a dull moment


Are you guys excited for another day of beautiful autumn weather in Seattle? We got to start enjoying it especially early, when some kids on their way to school woke us up to tell us there was a dog on our roof. And indeed, the upstairs neighbors’ dog had let himself out a window and was pacing frantically along the gutter.

Good times.

The dog on the roof has been the funniest, but not most disruptive, feature of our week. I reached into the oven on Tuesday and thought, “hey, it’s been a long time since I burned my-” Yeah, you can guess how that one ended. Then there was the thing with the pumpkin in the road, which has resulted in my being unable to tolerate wearing a shoe today. (I’m not going to go into detail about that story here. Suffice it to say: my foot hurts, but I am otherwise uninjured. I’ll tell you in person, if you need to know.)

Oh, what a week. At least it’s beautiful outside. And I’ll say this: in a month full of thankfulness, I am deeply grateful for the good people around me, both friends and strangers. Not every teenager would have taken it on themselves to knock on the door of a house with a dog on the roof, rather than just laughing about it in the street. High fives to the people raising the kids that did it this morning. (Will say this: despite living quite close to a high school, we have very few problems with teenagers. It’s a nice feeling.)

Now that everybody is off the roof and our excitement is over, it’s back to making pies for me. If you have a chance to get outside, take advantage! Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and windy (but at least you’ll be able to comfort yourself with pie cookies!).

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