Much love for the sourdough

Back at the beginning of this blog, I talked about confirmation bias, the tendency to notice things that support your existing expectations. Earlier, we were talking about pie being everywhere (also, shrimp plates, but that’s not relevant). Lately, I have been noticing something else.

When I made arrangements to make bread with Wendy, we also discussed making sourdough starters. At one time, I had about half a dozen active starters, because I went to Evergreen and it was a legitimate part of my educational trajectory. Because, you know, Science! Or whatever. But after I finished school, I didn’t have any interest in maintaining that many starters, so I chose the best one, and then failed to keep it alive properly. Of course, it was really the second-best one, since my housemate had already killed the best-best one. Good times.

I did love the sourdough, though, really. It is delicious, versatile, and satisfies my inner pioneer. What’s not to love? Wendy had attempted to start a culture, to no avail, so I sent her to the store for rye flour. Rye flour is the answer! Her new starter is bubbling happily away, getting ready to be put to use with her newly-honed bread skills. I started one of my own, as well, which is now making its first loaf of bread in the oven. Hurray!

I was also delighted to see a tweet this morning about a challenge that a couple bloggers are doing, right up my alley. Doughvember! The general gist is to be in the practice of using your sourdough starter, and thereby improve your skills. I am down!

I think it’s particularly cool that Linda of Salty Seattle is giving away some of her starter. I hope you’ll follow along!

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