Monday prettiness

Monday again, already? How time flies! But you know what that means, right? Pie porn! And new lottery pie! And apparently excessive exclamation points, sheesh.

After much foot-dragging and unnecessary reluctance, I gave in to the tiny pies. Now I’m wondering what my problem was to start with. Look how pretty these are!

Tiny pies with fillings

Of course, those aren’t finished, but I love how bright the little fillings are. That batch was a sampler of the pies I made last week. The Strawberry Nectarines (bottom row) tragically didn’t want to come out of the pan properly, so Mr. Pie and I had to take one for the team and eat them. Despite the copious amounts of pie that go through our kitchen, we actually eat surprisingly little. Classic case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes over here.

I also forgot to take a picture of those pies finished, except this one, so melodramatic:

Tiny Fennel-Pear pie

That one is a tiny Fennel-Roasted Pear. It deserves the dramatic lighting, I promise. I think it has usurped Apology Pie as my favorite pie ever.

Since we’re feeling the Grumpy Little Pie love over here, I’m putting them in this week’s lottery! Tiny pie assortment, drawn Friday morning, you know the drill. This may be the best lottery yet. Do it!

And I promise, more pictures of tiny pies this week, because they are so freaking cute.

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