Monday is for distraction

Good Morning, gray Seattle Monday. It is positively gloomy out there! I feel like I’m in danger of turning this into a blog about the weather. Sorry. I’ll do my best to leave that to Cliff Mass, our own celebrity meteorologist.

We had a nice weekend here at Grumpy’s House of Pie. Mr. Pie cleaned our kitchen to within an inch of its life, I won our war on laundry, we hung out with a ridiculous number of children, and it was kind of awesome. It’s totally weird to me to be at the point in life where my contemporaries are reproducing, intentionally. The thing that I didn’t do this weekend is play around with experimental pie, which has been my favorite weekend pastime lately. I played with yeast dough instead of short dough. It was a nice little baker’s vacation. And look how pretty!

individual breakfast pizzas

Individual breakfast pizzas with bacon, cheddar, caramelized onions, tiny bell peppers, and egg. So pretty! And so perfect for the meal I love most, brunch.

Anyway, now that we’ve all been distracted by the wrong kind of pie, let’s talk about the right kind. What kind of pie will I make this week? No one knows, not even me! Actually, that’s not true. I’ve been indecisive about it, but I’m going to go with peach… something. Let’s call it peach ginger! Peach Ginger it is!

Hurray, Peach Ginger! We’ll be tasting summer, even while we wait for spring to show up.

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