Monday again?!

Good morning, lovelies! We’re moving a little slower than usual today here at Grumpy Pie HQ. Somehow the weekend hardly ever seems long enough, and when you add Seattle’s only day of springtime sunshine in there, it’s amazing we got anything done at all.

Luckily (I guess?), Monday has brought us back around to the sad and dreary spring weather we’ve been used to, so there’ll be no danger of the Pie Maker enjoying her sunshine and knitting on the lawn instead of making you pies this week. (Not that I would pick precious, precious Vitamin D over doing work, of course! At least, not that I would admit to.)

Part of me wants to do another week of Grumpy Little Pies for the lottery, but I’m afraid of burning you all out on the tiny awesomeness. Are you tired of Grumpy Littles yet? I’m certainly not, though that fact surprises me a little. Still, we’re going to change it up this week, just to be safe. We’ll keep the air of mystery, though (goodness knows we don’t want to be boring over here).

This week’s lottery pie is… Pie Maker’s surprise! It will probably be Plum & Strawberry with Black Pepper. Or maybe Caramelized Stone Fruit. Whatever it is, it will be awesome. You know that already.

Somewhat non sequitur: I love the story line in Arrested Development when the Bluth’s can’t decided on a beneficiary for their annual fundraiser dinner, and send out invitations for a party “Benefiting TBA.” This isn’t like that, though… I promise there will be a pie!

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