McDisasterous and Turducken of Pie

Last year due to a slow work schedule and being next to a KFC I challenged myself to eat what I called the Quadstrocity. The Quadstrocity was two KFC Double Downs smooshed together. It took me 17 minutes and I was unable to excrete properly for 2-days.

This has lead to two new semi-obsessions:

  1. Inventing the Turducken of Pie
  2. Eating a McDisasterous
Rose has yet to make the turducken of pie for me, but I’m sure if you make lots of comments she will be forced to make me one. And then I will eat it on camera. The McDisasterous, in my mind, is two McRibs¬†and a Medium Fries all smooshed together. My goal is to consume the entire McDisaterous in < 5 minutes. I will do it and recorded it if even one person asks for it in the comments.
Mr. Pie

11 thoughts on “McDisasterous and Turducken of Pie”

  1. At least 3? I think 5 of the 11 spices are salt.
    Nicely done! Now onto Pie-ducken and the McDisasterous.
    Mrs. Pie sounds adorable all sped up.

  2. we love mr. and mrs. pie…wish we were distillery hoppin’ and overeating together right now. please oh please entertain us with mor ridiculous self -imposed eating contests. xoxoxo

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