May already!

Greetings and Happy May, Pie Lovers! Did you get a chance to grab some sunshine this weekend? Team Grumpy Pie took a much needed jaunt across the mountains, where my mom cooked us lots of food, and we sat in the sun doing basically nothing. It was awesome.

One highlight of my weekend: A trip to the surprisingly interesting Yakima Valley Museum with Mom. Their standing collection features a neon garden, and the restaurant is a soda fountain! We didn’t go to those, though. We were on a mission to see one man’s collection of a century’s worth of high heels. It turns out that one benefit of being in a really small city is that you can put on a very personal museum exhibit. The man who collected all those shoes still lives in Yakima, as he has for 30+ years, and he provided commentary and curation for the exhibit. The shoes were awesome, but I have to say that his commentary may have been the best part. Also awesome: 4 generations of women each saying “I would totally wear that shoe!” Good times.

We also ate a lot of pie. We brought a “Hello Rudy Lopez” with us, and by the time Mr. Pie and I got up at the relatively early hour of not-yet 10 am, it was almost half gone. That’s my kind of weekend. Later there was an argument about whether our neighbor who was out of town for work deserved to have a piece of pie saved for her, or if we should just eat it. I voted for sharing, we’ll see what actually happened.

All in all, I am happy to report that this week is off on a more pleasant foot than the last. I think that in honor of the nice weekend, and how much I enjoy them, I’m going to do Grumpy Little Pies again in the lottery this week. Hurray! I think they’ll be Strawberry Stonefruit. I’ll change that if plans change, but that what I hope to do. Also, if you’re going to see you mom this weekend, don’t you think you should bring her a pie???

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  1. Thanks for spending a lovely weekend with us! And the answer is YES, not only did we save a piece of pie for Deb, but another one for Michael too so they could enjoy them together!

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