Making Thanksgiving easy

Thanksgiving with my family is usually pretty easy. Nobody wants to be the one in charge of the whole meal, we don’t have a strong attachment to specific recipes, so there’s no great outcry if the sweet potatoes are roasted with rosemary instead of mashed with bourbon and butter.

Not negotiable, though? Pie. Only in the last couple years have I come to appreciate the classic pumpkin pie. For years and years I would try to make something more interesting, only to be shot down by my mom, and her fierce attachment to the classic. I have had free reign to make all the other pies as schmancy as I want, though, and I have. And will continue to do so! I’m still deciding what we’ll have this year – how about you?

A definite yes: Shaker Lemon. Obviously.

You should have one too – think of how impressed your guests will be! Or maybe comfort food is more your style – why not get a classic apple to finish off your meal? Or Fennel-Roasted Pear? Just surprising enough to wake you up after dinner.

Don’t forget, even if you’re traveling, you can take your Grumpy Pie with you. Meet your loved ones at the airport with pie and get your holiday off to the right start!

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