Making Pies

Today I’m making a caramelized plum and nectarine pie, which I am very excited about. It’s a play off of Mr. Pie’s favorite summer dessert, stone fruit painted with balsamic vinegar and grilled. Since I’m working with early season, well traveled (read: Chilean. sad face) fruit, I wanted to push the sweetness a little, but not too hard. So, brown sugar caramelized on top of the fruit is is:

Nectarines caramelized with brown sugar

I love love love the plums, but the pictures I took of them were all kind of wonky. This pie is going to the winner of a raffle at Twestival, but I think a tiny version of it will be making an appearance in the Grumpy Little assortment on Friday. Sometimes I forget how much I love plums, which is a little sad, but then I get to rediscover them every year. Plums: they are awesome! I’m really looking forward to their season here, in part because Mr. Pie will be BBQing pretty much constantly by then, and I cannot wait to make some balsamic- and smoke-laced tiny pies. Yum.

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