Look out for art!

I’m making pie, but it’s at the ‘really boring to look at’ stage right now. Let’s talk about something more interesting, shall we?

Art (and craft) never exists in a vacuum, and the art of Grumpy Pie is no exception. While I spend my creative energy throwing fruit at spices and seeing what sticks, the very talented gentlemen of my household tend to be a little more traditionally ‘artistic.’

At New Year’s, Mr. Pie & I made the same resolution: Make More Things. Turns out, I made a lot of pie, and some knits for babies, and a lot of mess in my kitchen, all without any particular sense of schedule (except the pie). He took a different approach, and has endeavored to produce something tangible every month. This month’s undertaking: The 30 Day Art Challenge.

The challenge? Thirty days, thirty pieces of art. At the end of 30 days, the finished canvasses are returned to T-K Artist’s Lofts, and hung in a group show. Mr. Pie and my brother are both doing it, which means that my house is a big old mess of canvasses and paints, and every day I’m worried that the dog is going to cause a disaster by taking out someone’s easel.

The show opens December 1, during Seattle’s First Thursday Pioneer Square Art Walk. Put it on your calendars! This year has seen a huge number of participants, and every piece of art they produce will be available for a flat price ($40, I think). Please come out and support your local artists!

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