Live Adventurously. Eat More Pie.

When making my selection for this week’s lottery pie, I had a couple things on my mind. I didn’t want to simply replicate last week’s pie, even though I have plenty of apples, and it’s a pretty clear crowd pleaser. That just seems boring, and boring is the opposite of how we want you to think of us. Boring pie is lame! We’re big fans of classic, well-crafted pies, but boo to boring.

My bigger thought, though, was this: the lottery is a great place to take a little risk. Maybe you’ve never had Shaker Lemon pie before, and so you’re nervous to commit to one, maybe you’re not sure whether it’s going to be a pie you love. At $2 a ticket, though, you’ve got the chance to discover something awesome. Or something that isn’t quite your speed. Either way, we advocate taking the chance.

Live adventurously. Eat more pie.

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