Holding on to hobbies

I have a hard time letting physical things go. This isn’t new, I’ve always been this way. It is, however, something that I have to address as we get ready to move again, and it’s hard. During Saturday’s workshop, we talked about letting go of attachment as a practice for freeing ourselves from objects, which was a valuable lesson. But there is a part of the process that I’m still having a hard time applying it to: some of the hardest things to part with are the ones that support our creative pursuits.

Beyond the fact that we are human, and therefore creative, Carlos and I are both people who need to and thrive upon doing creative work. This takes many forms for us, some of which come with a lot of equipment. What do we do about that? How do we foster our creativity on the road without overburdening ourselves with art supplies?

I’m seriously considering how much yarn will be appropriate to vacuum-pack and take with us while we’re traveling. Obviously I can’t be without yarn, right? Even though I’ve only finished something like 3 projects in over a year? There are so many babies coming this year! And there are some who’ve been here a while, but I haven’t gotten a chance to meet them yet. Those kiddos all warrant knitting!

I have the same thought about Carlos’s paints, although ultimately that’s his call to make, not mine. We are creative people, and it’s vital for us to have a creative outlet. How much is enough to take with us, and how much is too much?

As we’re streamlining clothes and kitchen supplies, the calls are easy to make. Doesn’t really fit anymore? Out it goes. In bad shape? Ditto, gone. Beloved, but not especially useful? To storage! It’s harder to make the distinctions with the tools for our creative pursuits, though. There are some things that will clearly not make the cut, but we can’t really apply the same criteria as we do for other tools. It’s true that I have yarn that’s been sitting for more than a year, untouched except to make the move, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still have plans for it. I have admittedly been bad about applying time to knitting while we’ve been in Canada, but I have some legitimate excuses, all directly related to our kiddo. I know plenty of people who can breast feed and knit at the same time, but I am not one of them, especially now that RJ is so interested in touching everything. But even so, knitting has been with me a long time, and it would be unrealistic and unreasonable to try to move to the next stage of my life without it.


There are things that will definitely come with us: the ukulele, some (but not all the) yarn, probably some felt, hand sewing notions (as much for utility as pleasure). But what about the rest of it? The sewing machine, the screen printing gear, the paints and plaster and woodworking tools and brewing equipment. So, yeah, we have a lot of hobbies, I guess, and that doesn’t even include the ones that don’t fall under the ‘creative’ umbrella. They all have gear, and it all has to go, well, somewhere.

What would you do? How would you choose?

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