Happy Solstice!

You know what I love? Summer. I love it. Early morning sunlight, BBQ, my utter inability to find shorts that fit appropriately (have you seen the shorts that are in style this year? 1992 wanted to tell you they were a bad idea then, but it couldn’t figure out how to text.)

This morning I meant to get some stuff done, like clean the kitchen and make pie dough, but instead I stood on the lawn and absorbed sunlight and played hooky with the neighbors. I have no regrets.

I also have no regrets about this: I am making Grumpy Little Pies again this week! Because the change in technique that I implemented last week turned out to be both really easy and adorable. So we’re doing it again! With the added bonus of surprise, because I don’t know what kind of pies they’re going to be. I have a vote for blueberry, so that’s a possibility. As always, I’ll make up my mind when I see what the fruit looks like.

I hope you get (or make) a chance to enjoy some sunshine today, and this week. This being Seattle, there is really no telling how long summer will stay with us, so let’s make the most of it while we can.

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