Happy Monday!

Good morning, pie friends!

After our exhausting and difficult last week, I was not ready for this weekend to end. You know those times when separate circles of friends come together and click into place like they were made for one another? That was pretty much our entire weekend, awesome people, great food, new friends, old friends, a giant pack of happy dogs (OK, 3 happy dogs), mimosas, art, love, and pie. Oh, such pie. Fennel-roasted pear and brie, an experiment that turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined. I would tell you some of the things people said to me while tasting this pie, but this is a family pie blog (haha, jk, but I’m still not telling). We’ll let it suffice to say that offers were made that would make my mother blush (Hi Mom!), leaving no doubt that this pie will be making a reappearance.

Of course, in all the excitement, I failed to do the one thing that I meant to do before it was all gone: take a picture. Boo, Pie Maker! Sorry, fans of pie gawking. I’ll do better next time.

After such a good and reinvigorating weekend, I’m actually happy to jump into my week. Here’s hoping this one stays on the course the weekend set for it! I’ll be making Gingery Apple Pie for the lottery this week, and suggesting you get a Fennel-Pear or Shaker Lemon custom pie if you want some real excitement.

I’m off for another cup of coffee. Happy Monday, everybody!

Update! Mr. Pie saves the day! He took a picture of the best pie ever this week. Thank you, you awesome man.

2 thoughts on “Happy Monday!”

  1. Since this is a G-rated blog (pun intended), I won’t repeat what I blurted out on Sunday. In more toned down language, this pie was: “part savory, part sweet, part epiphany, and part aphrodisiac.”

    So excited to sample some more Grumpy Pie!


    1. Ha ha, yours may have been my favorite exclamation! Your toned down language is still lovely. Thank you.
      It was a real pleasure to get to hang out with you, and I look forward to next time! I know you weren’t crazy about the quail eggs, but they definitely piqued my interest in what else may come out of your kitchen!

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