Happy Day

We are in a place that we want to stay in. It’s different than anywhere I’ve lived before, and I am very happy about it. This past weekend was the autumnal equinox, and this place does not waste any time making the switch to fall. The leaves are turning, and it is positively¬†crisp outside, even though it’s also supposed to be in the 70s today. I love it.

It has been cold at night, and in the morning when I’m walking the dog. It’s time for me to be knitting again, post-haste. Last night I pulled out the hat I started for Carlos, and Rockford gave me a solid demonstration of the level of challenge I’ll be facing. It turns out that my toddler is way more efficient at project destruction than my cat ever was. I spent half an hour untangling the mess he made of my yarn, only to do it again this morning.

Also last night, I dreamt of an epic Thanksgiving dinner, with so many pies and gravy and potatoes and single-serving injera and duck confit. As I’m writing it out, this sounds a little more like a glutton’s paradise than even I want Thanksgiving to be. But it did remind me that I need to restock my spice cabinet and buy some butter. And now I’m thinking that a turkey doro wot might be in my future. I’m about to write the most epic grocery list of my life (ok, maybe just this year).

I feel really happy today. My amazing kid is super cute, even when he’s on a monstrous tear. It’s clearly autumn, and while there has been rain, it’s the exception rather than the rule. I’m feeling like it’s time to buy some furniture and give the cat a name, so to speak. I think it’s only fair to warn you that this blog may date a dramatic turn back to cooking-related, at least briefly, as I celebrate/inaugurate my kitchen by cooking ALL THE THINGS. I cannot wait.

3 thoughts on “Happy Day”

  1. What is a “turkey doro wot”? For that matter, what is a “single-serving injera”? It’s so good to hear/see you focus on cooking. Makes me know you’re feeling good… life is getting back to “normal.”

    1. Joan, I feel the same way! Doro wot (or doro wat) is an Ethiopian chicken stew, that I’m thinking should be made with turkey, after my intense food dream. Injera is the sourdough pancake that’s used as a plate and a utensil in Ethiopian cooking, and never comes smaller than platter-sized, except in my dream.

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