Grumpy Little Pies and a Big One

Dudes, not only is it sunny outside, it’s sunny in my kitchen! And I have some pretty pies for delivery today. You know what that means, right? More p0rn. But this is even better than usual, because this p0rn pie could be yours! The Little Ones, I mean. The big one is practically out the door as we speak.

Dramatic Pie is Dramatic:

Peach Ginger Pie in sunshine

Grumpy Little Pies are less dramatic:

Small peach ginger pies

Okay, maybe only slightly less dramatic:

Small pie in profile

This morning I was a little obsessed with the vents on the Grumpy Little Pies, kind of ridiculously so.

Pie Vent Detail

Seriously, there are at least 5 more shots like that, but that’s enough. You get the idea. Grumpy Little Pies are shiny and they have vents in the top and I like taking pictures of them. And! They’re delicious, and they’re the lottery pie this week. Grumpy Little Peach Strawberry Ginger Pies, just in time for your Memorial Day Weekend. Doooo it:

Are you BBQing this weekend? It’s a big weekend at House of Grumpy Pie. Tomorrow is the dog’s birthday! We’ll be celebrating in the traditional way, by eating a steak in front of her and telling her how ridiculous she is. Good times.

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