Grumble grumble

This morning I woke up to not one but TWO emails politely asking whether I (and Carlos) had somehow vanished from the face of the earth, from people that I don’t know well, but am glad to have in our life.

Those of you who know us (all of you, hi!) know that we’re kind of super not into the whole winter/December/Xmas/cold weather thing. And it turns out that that whole thing is a lot harder when you’ve moved to Canada, even the relatively temperate Vancouver. So, yeah, between the dark and the cold and the seasonally busy work and the stress of the stuff we’re dealing with but not yet ready to share with you here, we’ve gone underground a little.

But I have to say that it strengthens my feelings of happiness about my community to know that these two people I hardly know, along with many of you, are out there checking up on us. I think that lately this blog is sounding really kind of down, and that’s something that we need to address. Our life is complicated. You know that! Remember that time someone told us we were the busiest people she knew? Still true, now with a baby, and some shit!

We’ve made some pretty awesome personal resolutions for the new year, and now I’m going to make one for the blog. BE IT RESOLVED: No more whiny posts this year! Yes, it’s only 11 days (uh, crap), but in those 11 days there will be no more whining!

Today I wanted to give you the first of many posts about where we’re heading in the next year, but seriously, there is a lot going on, and that task got pushed to the bottom of the pile. I will share it with you tomorrow, though, scout’s honor. But now, I have to go wrangle my unfairly cute son into some cold-weather clothes so we can trek across town to socialize. It turns out that if you want to have community, you actually have to get out of the house. Go figure.


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