Getting in the zone

stacked pie crusts

Pie crusts! Woot!

I have to say, I do kind of love making a bunch of crusts all at once. Maybe not so much the mixing part, but I get in a nice little rhythm when I’m rolling dough. It’s lovely, and I’m delighted when I get to do a bunch at once. Hurray for today! After rolling all of these, I’m thinking that I need to make some yeast dough over the weekend

Unfortunately, today also included one of my least-favorite tasks: going to the grocery store. I realize that it shouldn’t be a hassle, but I just haaaaate it. Ugh. But I shouldn’t, because it’ll mean that I can fill those lovely little crusts up! One of them is getting a streusel topping! One of them is going on a far-away adventure! One of them is just for you, lucky lottery winner! They’re all going to be apple based, but no two quite the same. This is my kind of pie day.

Also, can we have a moment to acknowledge how mind-blowingly awesome yesterday was? Totally makes the rainy days worth it. I had the world’s most productive visit to the Department of Licensing, a fun little bike around with the lovely Mr. Pie, then came home to discover all the guys of the household making art in the sunshine. I. Love. It.

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