Getting caught up

I have found myself a little behind on writing, and I realized that it’s because my brain is in a dozen other places, caught up in tasks that will absolutely warrant some posts of their own, just as soon as I’m caught up with actually doing them.

So, then, what are we working on this week?


  • Versatility – This weekend I finished a knitting project I started in 2008. Now I have to block it and attach buttons.
  • Van interior floorplan – The insides are now fully demolished, and it’s time to start putting it back together.
  • Stuff-purging – There’s a garage sale in our future, right after I get through the last 6 boxes in the pile.
  • Making real food for a foodie baby – This week he figured out that we’re eating better food than he is. Time to remedy that.


  • Van water and power – The scale of our tear-out has created the opportunity to bring these things into the 21st century
  • A major dump run! – So. Much. Trash. Not to mention the entire crabapple tree that Joe took down over the weekend.


  • Walking with assistance – Less and less assistance every day!
  • Differentiating singing from screaming (hurray!) – And yes, really singing, and telling us things, not just squawking. So cool.
  • Swimming – He’s always liked the water, and now he’s figured out that he can move around in it on his own. We’re in for trouble.

All of this, of course, is in addition to the actual work that we have to do, and doesn’t include the things that are just unadulterated distraction, catching my attention and getting me off track. What are you working on, when you’re not working on work? What’s getting your attention?

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