Faith and Perseverance

Way back in 2009, when Rose and I decided to get married, we hadn’t been dating long. This meant that even by the time we were a couple years in, we still had some kinks to work out of our roles around the house. One of these was dealing with unclaimed tasks.

In the beginning I would generally just jump on tasks and do them, or finish things that I saw dangling. You know, rather than nagging about them or spending time discussing them, since 50-percent of the time it gets delegated to me anyway. So, imagine my surprise when I came to take on a frustrating task and Rose said, “I got this, and I don’t want anyone else to do it.”

There she was, standing next to an Ikea bed. Rose was staunch that she would accomplish the task singlehanded. When we went to bed that night there were still several, thankfully not structurally imperative, pieces left. She told me,”Don’t worry, I know where those go.”

After this I had a new option, just show faith that she will work it out. To be frank this option is sometimes frustrating for both of us. But, it has created some moments of growth for both of us.

  1. It forces her to admit that she wants help.
  2. It helps me remember that I should have a reason beyond *because I can* for getting involved.

Still, seeing a stack of thank you notes sitting on top of the refrigerator for months makes me want to cry out, “For the love of jebus! Why won’t you put stamps on these?!” It is like the weirdest game of chicken, she says, “I’ve got this,” and I want to prove that I have faith.

A couple of weeks ago I figured out what was happening. She didn’t want to send the cards because we weren’t blogging.

Theses last couple of weeks we have just been chipping away at that impediment. My job in this project has been to attend social functions, read blogs, start conversations, and conduct interviews. Rose’s job is the editorial calendar, reading blogs, helping with interviews, and (most of all) being in charge of this blog.

I’m happy that this blog is up again, but most of all I am happy that Rose is reemerging to follow through on the promises we made to you all to write this book. We are getting the thank you notes out this week, and come hell or high water, several of you are getting incredibly awkward ukulele serenades.

Thanks for having faith.

image courtesy of h-bomb

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