Eye Candy (Pie Candy?)

Flaky Pie crust

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that I take a lot of pictures of pie. I am not a particularly confident photographer, but I’m not afraid to take a ridiculous number of shots until I get something I like. Luckily, I like the look of pie crust, or this would be a much more challenging task.

Fennel-roasted pear pie

I also like it when the tools of my trade sneak their way into the picture. That rolling pin sees a lot of action! Also, that crust suggests a desert-scape to me, which I like.

Sadly, when it came to the weekend’s Grumpy Little Pie, I kinda dropped the ball.

Tiny Apple Ginger Pie

All the pictures look like this, except the ones I took (but am not ready to share) of the Strawberry Nectarine disasters. Completely failed to photograph them before taking them into the world to bribe people with. I promise I’ll do better with this week’s lottery Tinies. And speaking of Grumpy Littles, you can order them now! We’re doing it! Half a dozen Littles, starting at $35, with all the same choices as big pies, one flavor or mix & match. And of course, we’ll deliver them. Go here and tell me you want Little Pies!

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