Coveting Meat Pies

Would it surprise you to learn that I have not made a ton of savory pies? I do love a good quiche, but somehow I have almost never ventured into meat pies. Now that I’m writing about it, I think it’s because I prefer eating stew as stew, and in my mind meat pies = stew pies. (Also, ‘stew’ is starting to look like not-a-real-word to me now.) I totally love the idea of them, though. Maybe I just want someone else to make me one?

Anyhoo, since I’m making a lot more pie these days, I think I should start adding some savory pies into our dinner rotation (she says, as if she’s the type of person who plans dinners. ha!). I think I may start with this meat and artichoke heart pie, because I will accept any excuse to eat more artichokes.

And speaking of making a lot more pies, I need to go make some pie. Happy Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Coveting Meat Pies”

  1. Ohhh…I love meat pies. I had some delicious ones in Australia from a place called Pie Face. They were all mini pies. I have never made one either but if you need a savory pie taster let me know 😉

    1. Pie Face! That is an amazing name! Meat pies are not my strong suit, so I will definitely need some objective tasters before they come to market. You can rest assured that, despite your Team Cake leanings, you’ll be on my tasters list!

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