Countdown to Christmas Pies

Holy cow, you guys! Christmas is eleven days away!

Where does the time go?

Confession time: my family doesn’t usually do the whole big spread at Christmas like we do at Thanksgiving. One of our favorite family memories is the year that my mom made a gorgeous german chocolate cake for dessert for Christmas eve, and we all decided that we would skip dinner and have cake instead. And a tradition was born – keep it relaxed, especially Christmas Eve.

This year, our relaxed Christmas day will probably revolve around a pulled pork in the slow cooker, and our relaxed Christmas Eve will be all about pie.

Whether your family puts on the whole show or keeps it laid back, there’s always room for pie. And there’s still time for you to order a Grumpy Pie to brighten up your holiday!

I’ll be taking orders through the end of this weekend (December 18). Want something special? Let’s do it!

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