Christmas cookies, omg!

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I got sucked into an internet rabbit hole of Christmas cookies. It is for the best that I don’t love making cookies, and only got sucked into a vortex of looking at them.

How cute are these Korean flower cookies? I guess they’re not traditionally Christmas-y, I think that’s good. A little surprise is a good thing, right? I want them, bad.

I’m a really lazy cookie decorator, which increases my admiration for people who put together cute things like gingerbread heads. Also, her ‘draw the faces in advance strategy’ is killer.

My go-to Christmas cookie for the last half decade or so has been this Ginger Orange Star from Bon Appetit. I love them enough to make the icing, and that’s saying something.

If I do get it together to make some cookies this year, it may be Dan Savage’s Ma’s Christmas Snowballs. They’re an entirely different cookie than I have generally made, and I like that. I think I would use walnuts, though, because pecans are lame.

Are you making Christmas cookies? Do you try new recipes, or stick to known winners?

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  1. Sha Menz

    Sounds like you need a cookie helper!

    For cookies that are seriously delicious and easy as PIE, try the new recipe on my site 🙂



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