Caramel Apple powered by science!

Are you excited about this week’s Caramel Apple Pie? I’m totally excited. A couple weeks ago my awesome friend Bridget commissioned a set of tiny Caramel Apple Pies, with the understanding that they were going to be experimental. And here’s the best part about how that happened: I made her six awesome little pies, each a little different from its compatriots, and assigned each one a number. About half a week later, I got an email from her with a CHART! A chart of pros and cons for each tiny pie, and which combination of factors would be the perfect pie for Bridget.

And I quote: “If I were to create a perfect, Bridget pie, this would be it — #2 caramel touch, #3/#4 top crust, and #1 texture and flavor.” That, my friends, is dedication. I love it.

I was going to tell you about the tweet where she told people to buy tickets next week so she could win this week, but I think I may have imagined it. Oh well. You know I’ll be happy for whoever wins, and I encourage you all to enter! Because this pie will be powered by science, and therefore awesome.

Get on it!

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